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Dear patients,
this year we have only 1 slot for appointments and operations left. The next slot will be probably not until the middle or the end of next year 2023.
This year following dates are available:
24.10.2022 • 25.10.2022 • 26.10.2022 •  29.10.2022 •  30.10.2022 •  01.11.2022 • 02.11.2022
Fibromyalgia treatment

Fibromyalgia is curable. More than 60% of patients who received surgery from Prof. Bauer became free of complaints – and remained so! More than 30% need no medications and only have occasional discomfort.

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Hand surgery

Treating disorders and injuries of the human hand requires a high degree of experience, specialised knowledge and last but not least, surgical skill from the surgeon.

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Patient testimonials

Our best references are our happy patients whom we were able to help. Read here the stories about our patients, their suffering and the successful treatment using Dr. Bauer’s method.

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