Medicine worldwide has a major problem: New treatment methods are not recognised by health insurance funds as long as there is no scientific evidence that they are effective. However: In a surgical method, it is not possible to perform a study with comparison groups. Prof. Dr. Dr. Bauer has researched the disorder of fibromyalgia and produced numerous case studies; nonetheless, the matter of cost must be individually clarified in every case.

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The pharma industry certainly has it easier in starting up a new medication. Many surgical methods took decades to be recognised (e.g. the first knee joint arthroscopies, or Prof. Semm, who developed keyhole surgery and who was at risk of having his license withdrawn in the first years, and who only received awards after 25 years).

Accordingly, patients have to request cost coverage from their health insurance funds for every treatment for fibromyalgia according to the method of Dr. Bauer. The treatment is not fundamentally covered by health insurance funds. However there are exceptions, e.g. for privately insured patients or persons with added insurance. We will gladly put you in touch with patients who have had success with their health insurers, or self-help groups in your country.

Costs are structured approximately as follows (rough cost information):

  • Consultation (diagnosis), depending on duration, difficulty etc., CHF 460.- per hour
  • Surgery on the upper quadrant (arm): CHF 4’600.-
  • Surgery on the lower quadrant (foot): CHF 4’850.-

Generally, only one quadrant (triggering quadrant) is treated, and the effects are then verified. Further quadrants may then require surgery.