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Patients with FMS have often suffered for a long time with wrong or guessed diagnoses. They want to know more – about the illness itself and its treatment options. We have compiled a selection of articles, presentations, links to videos and literature information. But as Goethe rightfully says: «As knowledge grows, so does doubt.» We will therefore gladly answer your questions during an initial consultation.

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Pathogenetic mechanisms in nerve pain

The widespread opinion that fibromyalgia is difficult to understand and that the problem still needs to be researched is not correct. (PDF, Article, 65 KB)

Audiovisual presentation about fibromyalgia FMS

Presentation about fibromyalgia, allodynia and somatoform pain disorder, early detection and causal treatment of chronic pain of the locomotor apparatus (bones, joints, muscles and tendons) and the possibility of a cure using the method of Dr. Bauer (YouTube video, link)

The idea and purpose of quadrant interventions at a glance

(PDF, Poster, 203 KB)

FMS – Patient’s Guide

(PDF, Datasheet, 877 KB)

Frontier Perspectives Vol.15, 2 35-41

Pathological Findings and Clinical Outcomes Study of 101 Fibromyalgia Patients Treated by Quadrant Pain Intervention (PDF, Article, English, 2.1 MB)

FMS – Patient’s Guide (English)

(PDF, Datasheet, 976 KB)

On the evidentiary value of foreign certificates of incapacity for work

(PDF, Article, 38 KB)

Guidelines to the judgement of incapacity for work

(PDF, Datasheet, 77 KB)

Opinion on the most common accusations

(PDF, Article, 75 KB)

ARD Broadcast Panorama – Tricks and Camouflage, Pharma Industry Circumvents Self-Help Groups

(PDF, Article, 234 KB)

What is FMS? What is fibromyalgia?

(PDF, Datasheet, 80 KB)

Is a surgical intervention required? No, but…

(PDF, Datasheet, 90 KB)

Court judgments, health insurance funds, refunds etc…

(PDF, Datasheet, 170 KB)

FMS – Surgery Results 2003-2005

(PDF, Statistics, 400 KB)

FMS – Ten year statistics 1990-2000

(PDF, Statistics, 105 KB)

FMS – an organic disease with somatic causes (Myopain’04, Munich, July 18.-22., 2004)

(PDF, Article, English, 200 KB)