Patient testimonials

«We would like to thank all of our patients for their positive feedback»

Goethe already provided the answer to the well-known problem of why it is so hard for new things to break through: «The sciences regard that as knowledge which has been passed on and learned at the academies. If someone now comes and brings something new which contradicts our credo that we have imitated for years and taught to others and threatens to topple it, one raises every passion against him and attempts to suppress him in every way. One fights it in any way possible: One behaves as though one did not hear; one speaks of it with disdain as though it were not worth looking at and examining, and therefore a new truth can wait a long time before breaking its ground.» (Goethe, Gespräche mit Ackermann [Conversations with Ackermann])

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We have received numerous letters of thanks and positive feedback over the past 20 years. We are allowed to publish some of them here as well – people who talk openly about their illness, their suffering and finally, about the cure with the method of Dr. Bauer. Thank you for this – we hope that it will help other patients to decide to have a consultation with us. Here, you can also find links to worldwide self help organisations for fibromyalgia who will gladly put you in touch with our patients.